Events coming up in 2020

The Pilgrimage of Reconciliation to Japan

27 Oct - 12 Nov 2020


We are now raising fund for the Pilgrimage 2020. If you are able to support financially this life changing trip, please visit our How to Give page. 


The photograph is from the Pilgrimage 2012, when the veteran Ken Pett (front left) was finally released from the reccuring nighmares of the past 67 years. To read his stroy, written by Mike Heather, his son-in-law (front right), please click here.


Past Evets in 2019

The 23rd Annual Summer Reunion for Peace and Friendship at the Embassy of Japan  

 on Friday 14th June 2019, 6pm-8pm; Hosted by the Japanese Ambassedor & Madame Tsuruoka

The official photographs from the 23rd Annual Reunion at the Embassy of Japan, please click here.


Pre-reception Tea at the Cavalry & Guards Club

127 Piccadilly, London


on Friday 14 June, 2019

between 4pm - 5:30pm



The three generations of the POWs' families gathered together and shared their stories. 


Even after 74 yeras since the VJ Day, enquries about their fathers and uncles, grand-fathers and great uncles are increasing, according to Mr Keith Andrews, Vice Chairman & Chief Resarcher for COFEPOW.



  Paradise Lunch on Saturday 6th July 2019 at 12:30pm for 1pm

at the home of the McIsaacs

All are welcome. We would like to get together with our friends, especially the families of FEPOWs and Internees.

Thank you for coming to Agape World’s paradise lunch on Saturday, July 6, and for your generous donations.
It was a privilege and a blessing to get to know you. For many of our Japanese helpers and volunteers, it was the first time to meet families of the POWs, and to hear their stories.
Many of us were struck by the fact that it can take a whole generation for each personal story to be revealed. For true reconciliation, lasting peace and friendship, these must be built on truth, so we hope to meet again soon.
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