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Peace and Reconciliation 

An Online Talk, organised by the Embassy of Japan. Keiko Holmes OBE was one of the five speakers.

Keiko was one of the five key speakers of the Online Talk, organised by the Embassy of Japan. She expressed her hope to re-schedule the Pilgrimage, which was cancelled due to the pandemic, in near future. More than 500 POWs in total visited Japan with Agape World.



Keiko, then, introduced Dennis Morley who visited Japan with us in 2007. Denis is now a great-great-grandfather as his great-granddaughter Leone, who also visited Japan with Dennis and his daughter Denise, gave birth to a baby on the 1st of September 2020. There is exactly a 100 year age difference.


He said that "Today, I feel no hate towards the Japanese people. We must all make a better world with love, peace and friendship, all of which I felt on this trip", as he recalled the warm welcome that he received in Japan. He thanked Keiko repeatedly.


In his closing remarks, H.E. Ambassador Nagamine stressed that the UK and Japan are now “global strategic partners sharing a set of core values including freedom, democracy, respect of human rights and the rule of law. Our deep-rooted partnership looks set to flourish still further, buoyed by the mutual respect that our two countries have come to enjoy.”

Oct 6, 2020

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Thank you, Dennis and Denise, for welcoming us, Keiko, Chris and his wife Letisha and myslef into your home. An article is posted on our new Japanese blog page



The 2020 Pilgrimage cancelled

     Please read the Chairman's statement here.


The 2020 Pilgrimage Cancelled 

The Pilgrimage of Reconciliation to Japan

27 Oct - 12 Nov 2020


We are now raising fund for the Pilgrimage 2020. If you are able to support financially this life changing trip, please visit our How to Give page. 


The photograph is from the Pilgrimage 2012, when the veteran Ken Pett (front left) was finally released from the reccuring nighmares of the past 67 years. To read his stroy, written by Mike Heather, his son-in-law (front right), please click here.


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