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The Girl In the Drawer, by Dee Larcombe

Published in February 2020, from New Generation Publishing.

The Girl in the Drawer can be purchased on Amazon.


You might already know Dee’s testimony that she was born in Hong Kong, months before the Japanese army invaded in 1941. Dee spent 3 years in an internment camp. Back home in the UK, after the war, she was sent away and placed with foster parents and children's home. There was rarely a time when her family had not been pitched into one crisis or another.


Yet, she overcame the childhood difficulties and found a way to forgive those who ill treated her. Her recollection of the not-so-romantic beginning with Geoff, and her work as a midwife and nurse is both sweet and powerful. Together with her husband Geoff, Dee devoted her life in the Christian mission and pastoral service in India and in the UK.


She met, prayed and worshipped with Congolese, Indian, Nepalese, Peruvian, Chinese and Tibetan people and a whole host of other nationalities. All leading to an authentic climax of meeting and becoming friends with a Japanese family, to forgive and reconcile with “a whole nation of people”.


from The Girl in the Drawer

by Dee Larcombe

Photographs: baby Dee with mother Elizabeth 1941 (left), presentation of Silver Medal, BRI 1962 (right top), wedding to Geoff 1964 

Geoff and Dee both remain as Trustees of Agape World, although Geoff stepped down from Chairman in 2017.

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