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Keiko's work in the UK and Japan

Visiting elderly POWs and their families, and public speaking

at universities and churches

In the UK, Keiko visits the elderly former FEPOWs and their families regularly, attends various meetings and gatherings. She invites them to her home too, for Paradise Lunch. 


When in Japan, Keiko speaks at various public meetings, Universities and Churches about her work of reconciliation, and how people were healed emotionally as well as phisically, when forgivness is sought on the back of the recognition of thier sufferings by the Japnese people.


Since 2000, her ministry has expanded as she has visited other countries, including China, Taiwan, India (or Nagaland), South Korea, Malaysia, including Malaysian Borneo, the Philippines, Singapore, and Indonesia, to seek reconciliation with those who suffered at the hands of the Japanese before and during the Second World War (WWII). Keiko has also visited other Western Countries to share about her work of reconciliation with FEPOWs and their families.

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