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While VJ Day brought an instant relief to the nation, personal journey of forgiveness, reconciliation and healing continues to this day  

Val Cubitt


How one apology from a Japanese boy some 50 years later finally lifted the monkey, which her Dad Ron carried, off his shoulder, recalls Val.

Ron Upton


"I could not possibly describe the feelings inside", recalls Ron when meeting face to face with his former guard in 1998

Leslie Mansell


"Japanese people listened to me more than the British people had ever done", says Leslie, when visted Japan in 2000

Jimmy Walker


50 years of sheer hatred started melt, when Jimmy encoutered Japanese people who have tended graves without any publicity

William Mundy


"...being a Christian, I did not harbour [the same hatred as many prisoners], but it was

not until ..."

Dee Larcombe


Lost her Mum then placed into foster care after the war, Dee "nursed hatred and bitterness towards the Japanese"

Kevin & Linda Nicholls


Linda's father, Arthur Jones, was a prisoner of Omi 13B Camp, in Niigata Prefecture.

Ken Pett


At age 92, Ken's recurring nightmares would stop, so hoped by his son-in-law, Mike Heather after thier visit to Japan, 67 years after the war.

VJ Day 1945 in London, Photograph: from the UK

"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it"

 ​- George Santayana

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