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Two Pilgrims Meet by Our Friend, Basil Scott

now available in audio format

The amazing book of reconciliation, written by our friend, Basil Scott, is now available in Audible Books.
Basil says, "You can also order it from Amazon in Kindle book format at £4.99 or paperback as before.
If you like the audio version this can be downloaded on your mobile and is free with Audible trial.

Published in English in 2016 and in Chinese in 2018, we have now brought it out in Audiobooks to mark the 75th anniversary of VJ Day. On that day - August 15th 1945 – I walked free in Shanghai after 3 years in Japanese prison camps.


Minoru was also in Shanghai. He had a good war and I had a bad one, but when he went home to Japan he was devastated to see his country in ruins. How he came to know Christ and how we met in India in 1963 is told in our book."


Basil sends his best wishes for Christmas and 2021.


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