Agape World
Agape World


By Marion Maule



On meeting Keiko Holmes one enters a world of positive possibilities where faith really does move mountains, bring healing to the war-weary and help life-long enemies to be reconciled.


An unswerving belief in the power of prayer and the desire for peace and innate goodness of people all over the wold, inspired Keiko to begin her Pilgrimages of Reconciliation in 1991. These later became Agape World, an organisation which continues to make a difference and to transform lives.


I, Marion Maule, have known and admired Keiko for more than 20 years, and been fortunate enough to accompany one of her Pilgrimages and to attend many of the Paradise lunches at her home. I have witnessed the relief experienced and friendships formed by those whose lives have been touched by Keiko and Agape World.

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